See them!

They have little And they are using all they’ve got To push themselves to the place Some place they don’t know Some place that is not guaranteed Some place they have never been You see him by his shirt You see her by her hair ; her shoes You see them by what they say- […]


I think I am alone I hear voices and still I see “I” alone And there is this huge strangeness It is still and it beckons on me To reach beyond But oh! I fear to slip along the road And if I slip, I fear to suffer alone But what is beyond this strangeness? […]

Why I choose literature?

Because: Through literature, I have advocated the African spirit. Through literature, I have expressed myself and you have listened. Through literature, I have been voice of the voiceless. Through literature, I can make you enjoy the things you don’t want to hear. Through literature, I can change same situation from sad to pleasant. Through literature, […]


Stillborn are Africa’s hopes Stuck in the womb of empty promises And her leaders are bearing them Pleasantly! As though Christ has appointed each one of them to carry his brother’s burden And they have done it delightfully Expanding their arms to reach the forbidden fruit They have tasted and eaten Soon, they shall die!

A letter to Mama (Nsεm pii…)

Dear Mama, I am in conflict with myself- the whole society. What is wrong with these people? When they do something and I say it, They say I am quarrelsome. When I do not say it, They say I can’t stand up for myself. Ah Mama, I am tired; I am tired of these people! […]

Another thing about love

You know, love is such that it takes over you, then you think about it differently from the way you think about other things. Likewise, when something else or perhaps, someone else takes over that love, you start to think about it the same way you think about other things, then that special thought and […]