Morning At The Window..

Look! Look what I’m blessed with each day This freshness… This brightness… This joy that is renewed everyday… Who said he was poor? Who said he had nothing? Whatever made somebody feel bad about who he was or what he had? Surely, he has not acknowledged this… Maybe not felt it; even not known it… […]

This World..

The world is a place Some say its a journey Some think its a race Some say its an experience Others think its a dream Some think the world is sad They say its pain and trouble Others think the world is sweet “We are in the now”, they say “The future does not matter” […]

Life’s Enemy..

Why do the people murmur? Why do the nations rage? What do the complainants say? How do their words perform? Was not the world created in a few days? Did not the creator say it was good- Whatever he made? Did he not make you and me? What problem was there that was never solved? […]

Break Up The Fallow Ground..

Why do you sit on the fence when Canaan is before you? Why do you stiffen your legs when the goal post is ahead? Why be frivolous when the future is bright? Why stiffen your hands when there is glory in abundance No! sister, brother… Arise Break up your fallow ground. Of all the things […]

Get Inspired!!

*There are those who will settle for anything they will get and those who know just what they want. If you are a settler, forget it! by the time you see the opportunity, it would have been taken by someone who has been searching.. *Live one moment at a time.. *Its OK to have role […]

From Me To You..

When things begin to fall all around you When you try to pick up the pieces and they just wont fit When you try so hard to set things right and your emotions let you down When the future is so blurred, the present almost impossible b’cause the past wont just go Remember you are […]

My Favourite Quote..

My favorite quote used to be “fix it and move on!” Only yesterday, I realized some things can never get fixed. Then i learnt something else… “don’t live with it!” why? cos if it can’t get fixed, it must be one hell of a problem. living with it is going to set you back. forget […]

A Letter From The Other Woman II..

It does not matter how I feel now Or how I’m afraid to feel in the future It does not matter what he thinks Or what I’m afraid he will think It does not even matter what he is feeling Or what I’m afraid he will feel Because they do not matter He is not […]

A Letter From The Other Woman..

This is when I get emotional When now I begin to feel less than loved Now I start getting reasonable Only now I begin to think straight Now I know right from wrong Now I begin to see things that were yet uncovered before Now is when I grew up Now is when I knew […]

Every man is not a liar

That man That respectable looking man! See how he walks shoulder high Gathering mosses of masses as he rolls by And he manages to seduce a few roses and lilies Roses and lilies of muddy waters and valleys Roses and lilies of glitter that wrecks your cornea That man That man is wrecked! His recklessness […]