Another Thing About Love..

You know, love is such that it takes over you, then you think about it differently from the way you think about other things. Likewise, when something else or perhaps, someone else takes over that love, you start to think about it the same way you think about other things, then that special thought and […]

THE PAST(Echoes from a decade…)

When the echoes from a past of a decade beats on our eardrums, full of pleasantness – or rather unpleasantness, what does it do to us? The children are wearing blue and white shirts And khaki shorts and they are singing “I am trusting thee lord Jesus Trusting only thee Trusting thee for full salvation […]

I Don’t Want To Be That Woman..

She has a life, but none her own She lives a wife, and yet alone She has her wants, but none she gets And her needs, has not one yet She lives to please The man with whom she sleeps She wakes up cold And weeps out the untold It’s filled  with lies The bed […]

Pain: The Substance Of Love?

Like faith- the substance of things unseen, every abstract thing has a substance- true? Isn’t it when one feels pain from their supposed lover’s actions that people start to believe and say “oh! so she really loved him” or “oh! so he really loved her”? And you, isn’t it when you feel so much pain […]

It Takes The Wise To Believe In Christ..

God created the heavens and the earth God created all the things in the heavens and the earth God created human beings- intestines, brains, breast and bones All the good things humans made, God made All the good things humans are making, God made God made the church… He made individual beings and made in […]

Nature II

I layed in my room and heard the sea roar I turned in my bed to hear it even more Oh, for my love towards nature, I lived at the shore And when’er I missed, I just drew the blinds and saw Oh! what a wonder considering it all The clouds; the waters; the greens; the falls And […]

The Tormentor..

He comes at me To kill and destroy That the words of scripture may not be And my maker to torment But he forgets Jesus is Lord He sneaks in on me at night When darkness befalls the day When he knows  that I do not yet see nor perceive Then he comes to steal […]


Look at it! So wonderful, so beautiful! Like its folding Or its spreading, or its in layers How overwhelming to look at When I look at where it meets the waters… The waters… The endlessness of it How the clouds’ darkness impacts on its color From a lovely blue to a fierce darkness And  a […]

African Hype..

We are supposed to be standing on our own grounds because we are third world(that is what we stand for: standing on our own grounds), but we are mistaken and lost because we are threading on someone else’s path. Lost people have problems finding their destination and that is what is happening to Africa now. […]

To Our Destiny..

Like lost orphans they wailed Like the homeless they sought rescue Even the strong seemed strenghtless, their pride dwellin within The elephant hid at the sight of the lamb The cheeter gave up the race with the tortoise All these because the ant in its wisdom overtook the strength of the lion They became slaves […]