The Journey

A long way I have come to get Here From my agba Through stamps, stones and many rivers And two miles ago when I saw The face of the sun It seemed to say a promise My timid smile had come To grow and stay Yet, ten times more than those two miles on My […]

Living Is A Difficult Task

Living is a difficult task This to mama once I ask Then she frowning said in hush: Life, baby, is but a husk And all we humans are like ruck Yet, what is beyond this living Though we rightly unseeing Are we supremely pursuing And we pitiful unwitting I tell you baby: Living ain’t easy Living […]


She is scared The immediate-past day is flashing before her eyes And though it is her subconscious mind at work, it has greater power than her reasoning Dominant She sees flashes of  laughing faces of her best friends She remembers the last kiss from Tony only two hours ago She is feeling all that tender […]

Of Eros and Love

“Is love disappointing. You give everything and it is not enough. Then you give more and it is not enough. Then you give a little too much and it is still not enough. So you lick out and clean out all the little drops that cohesion has caused to stick to the glass and still […]


I know what you want as a matter of specification How and where you want it I’ll give it to you just the way you like it Yes, I like to do that I don’t care for my own feelings It’s just you and it gives me satisfaction I do what you ask Front Back […]

To My Unborn Brother

Mummy says she misses you So do BB and I Often we spend hours chatting away About you How handsome you would look How girly from our pampering And how you would treat us Would you treat us the way we like- The way we see other brothers treat Their mummies and sisters? Or would […]


While you lay in the comfort of your bed, in your home, the house could burn. What caused it? -someones bonfire; a careless fire; an electrical fault. While you swim, you could get too tired; too hungry ; suddenly dizzy and you could drown. Or if it’s the sea, it could take you away, anyhow. […]

A Letter To Mama (Nsεm pii…)

Dear Mama, I am in conflict with myself- the whole society. What is wrong with these people? When they do something and I say it, They say I am quarrelsome. When I do not say it, They say I can’t stand up for myself. Ah Mama, I am tired; I am tired of these people! […]

FOR MY GUILD (For performance on the annual Variety night at Kaneshie Presby Church of Ghana)

When I think l of you, I smile When I imagine you, I smice The reason is simple, Your love is ample The rhythm in your harp Is like a melody in my heart The joy in your song Brings peace to my soul It isn’t just the relationship, There’s something about the fellowship Its like putting […]

For My Reader…

We often wonder why I write To the mathematician, I’m simply dump To the scientist, I’m expressing belief To the teacher, I’m an artist To the artist, I’m a genius. But I write for none of these… I write my dreams; my imagination I write the things I cannot speak I write the tears I […]